Spicing Up YouTube Explainer Videos with Music

There are many movies and TV shows that became more popular thanks to the soundtracks created especially for them. This is a clear proof that music and sound effects have an impact on any video even YouTube explainer videos. Music is used to trigger specific emotions in viewers. But, this doesn’t mean that you can [...]

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Creating Animated Explainer Videos: Things You’ll Need

Explainer videos can be defined in many different ways, but the simplest definition is that they represent short videos focused on explaining specific products and services. Obviously, explainer videos are usually used by businesses. These videos come in different forms and animated explainer videos seem to be one of the most used forms of explainer [...]

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3 Golden Tips That Will Help You Create Eye-catching Whiteboard Explainer Videos

  If you have ever done any kind of presentation or even been present on one then surely you know the impact that animation whiteboard videos can have on the audience that’s listening. They are a very simple, yet very effective tool that can make any subject or product seem interesting no matter how dull [...]

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